Addiction and Mental Health

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Chemical Dependency Programs
Residential: 24-bed program for adults, staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Provides substance abuse treatment with a length of stay 14-45 days. Treatment includes group therapy, individual counselling, educational groups, activity groups, therapeutic community living, & local community recovery support groups. Visiting hours Sundays 2-4:15pm, beginning the third weekend of a client’s stay.
Outpatient: M-F 10am-8pm. There are 3 types of adult outpatient services within the Chemical Dependency Program: Day Treatment: An outpatient therapeutic chemical dependency program consisting of group & individual therapy sessions, & addiction education sessions. M-F 10:30am-3:30pm.
Intensive Outpatient Program: Both education & therapy groups to address an individual’s addiction, 2 or 3 nights per week, for 3 hours each.
DUI Education Program: Program to eliminate drinking & driving behaviours. Two tracks are available, 1) a 16-hour program; 2) adds an additional 20 hours of treatment.

West Yavapai Primary Care: A Primary Care Practice, providing services for adults who are enrolled at the Clinic. The following are eligible: Clients of WYGC who are on United Health or UofA Health Plans. Clients who have a serious mental illness & who have Medicare coverage. Closely coordinated care between primary & psych healthcare providers, to help patients achieve improved health care outcomes, to intervene early related to chronic conditions and to improve their patients’ overall quality of life.
West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Adult Clinical Services: plans, coordinates, implements & monitors services for adults with mild-moderate mental illness & co-occuring substance abuse disorders.

The Outpatient Mental Health Program offers the following:
Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication: A psychiatric evaluation in order to establish diagnosis & provide medications.
Groups: are offered to enhance recovery through learning about common disorders and practical ways of coping with them.
Individual Therapy: Short-term therapy utilizing brief, solution-focused approach.
Peer Support Specialists: individuals who have progressed in their own recovery who are willing to guide & empower clients in their recovery. Assists clients in identifying & reaching goals, improving quality of life. Peers use the recovery principles of hope, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and support.

Opportunity Knocks: Vocational development & placement service to support people in their efforts to create a better quality of life for themselves, and for their families. Provides services in areas of interviewing skills, computers, job & disability resource searches, resumes/cover-letters, & education. Can also refer to services from RSA within DES for dental, auto-repair, vision, hearing, clothes, etc. Provides employment services for individuals with disabilities who are clients of WYGC. Disabilities not limited to psych disorders, could also be learning or physical.